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Successful Conclusion of LogiMAT 2024, Bluesword Intelligent Further Expands Overseas Market

Mar 29 /2024

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Recently, the 2024 International Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management Exhibition (LogiMAT 2024) successfully concluded in Stuttgart, Germany. At this exhibition, renowned as a benchmark for trends in the logistics industry, Bluesword Intelligent made a prominent appearance.

At the Crossroads of Technology

Germany, a veteran industrial powerhouse, hosts LogiMAT, the most prestigious international logistics exhibition in Europe. At this moment, Stuttgart stands as the crossroads of logistics technology, teeming with vitality and excitement. The exhibition hall is bustling with crowds from all corners of the world, all drawn by the allure of logistics technology.


Standing at the intersection, observing the trends in logistics technology, one can envision the future of logistics robots: they will undoubtedly be fast, efficient, and intelligent. The former serves goods, while the latter serves people. Bluesword Intelligent regards the servitization of logistics power systems as the key to technological innovation. Based on these principles, our equipment becomes more efficient for goods and more convenient for people.


Audience recording Videos of Exhibited Products for viewing

The latest pallet solutions showcased by Bluesword Intelligent at this exhibition include the Four-Way Pallet Shuttle and the Forklift AGV, both featuring state-of-the-art servo motor technology. Bluesword Intelligent has gained significant attention in the exhibition hall, drawing crowds of visitors eager to witness these cutting-edge innovations.

Endorsement of the East

Bluesword Intelligent stands apart from other logistics integrators or equipment vendors by not focusing solely on one area. Rather, Bluesword Intelligent is a comprehensive logistics integrator and equipment manufacturer covering the entire process end-to-end. With a super-factory spanning over 300 acres and a research and development team led by multiple Ph.D. holders educated in the United States, Bluesword Intelligent has substantial R&D and production capabilities. By introducing advanced production equipment and management concepts, Bluesword Intelligent utilizes robots to manufacture robots.


While Bluesword insisting in independent research and development of core products, software power is also emphasized. The Bluesword Intelligent Digital Twins system integrates dynamic modeling, virtual simulation, offline debugging, 3D monitoring, and intelligent optimization into a comprehensive logistics platform, providing services for intelligent warehouse planning, debugging and installation, and full lifecycle operation and maintenance.


Exploration of Unmanned Warehouse Built by Digital Twin System

Bluesword Intelligent's services span across more than a dozen industries, with over three decades of deep cultivation. With rich planning experience, cutting-edge planning concepts, and a strong planning team, Bluesword Intelligent has served hundreds of leading enterprises. Its combination of software and hardware capabilities and professional services have propelled Bluesword Intelligent to the forefront of domestic logistics enterprises, making it a significant endorsement of the East.

Vision of the Future

Bluesword Intelligent's layout and planning for overseas business demonstrate its foresight and determination. Apart from actively participating in major international logistics exhibitions to showcase the latest research achievements, Bluesword Intelligent has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas, and other regions. They have recruited experienced industry professionals locally and deployed key personnel from domestic operations overseas to better connect with the market and gain deeper insights into user demands.


Bluesword Intelligent has always adhered to the principle of providing services that are closer to users. This is not only reflected in the rapid response of after-sales service but also in the research and design of products. Bluesword Intelligent consistently follows a user-oriented approach, continuously introducing innovative products and services that meet market demands.


With the successful conclusion of LogiMAT 2024, Bluesword Intelligent has further expanded into overseas markets and will continue to invest in the long term. We will also continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, allowing this influential force of innovation from China to spread globally. Next, we will see you at LogiMAT China!

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