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Bring Bluesword to the world, bring the world back to Bluesword.

Mar 18 /2024

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Recently, the MODEX 2024 International Logistics Exhibition in Atlanta, USA, came to a successful close. It marked an important milestone in Bluesword Intelligent's overseas market expansion, as it was the first time Bluesword Intelligent showcased its latest achievements and innovative capabilities on the international stage. At this exhibition, Bluesword Intelligent gained recognition from customers, earned respect from peers, and expressed gratitude to the entire supply chain for their support.

Bringing Bluesword to the world

Since its establishment in 1993, Bluesword Intelligent has been dedicated to the research and development of automated logistics equipment and information systems for warehousing, sorting, handling, conveying, packaging, loading and unloading, palletizing, and other processes. With this focus, Bluesword Intelligent customizes end-to-end intelligent logistics systems for customers, helping them establish high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective modern logistics and intelligent manufacturing systems.


A photo with representatives from a North American clothing retail company.

This exhibition also showcased Bluesword Intelligent's latest research achievements, including the Gecko System and the second generation of Omnidirectional Reach Forklift AGV. These represent the product strength of Bluesword Intelligent's solutions at the bin and pallet levels. At the exhibition, in-depth discussions were held with representatives from a North American clothing retail company regarding the large-scale application of the Gecko Robot system.



At the exhibition, representatives from leading companies in e-commerce, heavy industry, and many other sectors were also hosted. After in-depth discussions, they not only fully recognized Bluesword Intelligent's standalone products but also expressed sincere admiration for Bluesword Intelligent's planning capabilities and software technology strength in providing end-to-end solutions. Particularly, after experiencing the "Unmanned Warehouse Adventure" game, they gained a deeper understanding of Bluesword Intelligent's Digital Twin System, and their praise reached its peak.



bring the world back to Bluesword.

While opening its arms to the world, Bluesword Intelligent also felt the embrace of the world. At the exhibition, companies from all aspects of the supply chain came in droves, ranging from component suppliers, office service providers, and commercial real estate companies, to agents and integrators.


In terms of product technology, Bluesword Intelligent engaged in in-depth discussions with numerous internationally renowned companies specializing in machine vision, as well as leading enterprises in the global electronics and electrical engineering fields. These discussions centered around technological innovation and innovative applications, aiming to understand the latest trends and future developments in supply chain optimization. Bluesword Intelligent brought back world-leading advancements to ensure its own continuous advancement.


A photo with globally renowned machine vision companies.

In terms of market expansion, well-known integrators from North American regions like Canada took the initiative to visit, discussing potential project collaborations. This outreach extended Bluesword Intelligent's reach to various countries and regions globally, bringing back valuable insights from around the world and further solidifying Bluesword Intelligent's foundation for expanding overseas markets.


The Seen Chinese Power

The exhibition gathered 1175 exhibitors from around the globe, including many competitors of Bluesword Intelligent. Often, your adversaries understand you the best. The showcased new products not only gained recognition from customers but also caught the attention of competitors. On the first day of the exhibition, Dr. Ken Liu, Senior Vice President of Bluesword Intelligent, received KNAPP Group at the booth. Throughout the event, Bluesword Intelligent welcomed many similar international enterprises. This demonstrates that Bluesword Intelligent is gaining visibility on the world stage!


Dr. Ken Liu, Senior Vice President of Bluesword Intelligent, received a visit from KNAPP Group.

Bluesword Intelligent has established a 300-acre Super Future Factory, aiming to become a leading "full-series" logistics robot research and production base in China. Its products have been exported to developed countries such as the United States, Germany, and Japan, successfully serving numerous global leading companies in various industries. Bluesword Intelligent is committed to enabling more logistics robots to flow from its Super Future Factory to the world.

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