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Pharma & Healthcare

To enable the high-quality improvement of pharmaceutical logistics

Pharma & Healthcare Industry

We deeply cultivate in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, providing customized solutions for pharmaceutical production, circulation and end-users. It creates an intelligent pharmaceutical logistics system covering the whole process for users, greatly improves the automation and intelligence of storage, sorting and distribution, helps Pharma & Healthcare enterprises to achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase, improves its core market competitiveness.


Industry Characteristics


High Growth of Market Scale

Affected by policies, epidemic, aged tendency of population and fragmentation of pharmaceutical orders.


Meticulous and Compliance Management

It is necessary to ensure that the whole process of drug production and logistics information can be traced and controlled.


Strengthening Regional Business Integration Trend

The industry-leading enterprises have strategic development plan to expand the scale.


Urgent Need to Restructure Logistics

Based on the high growth, strict supervision and high demanding.


Pharma & Healthcare Solution

Case-level Solution

Pallet-level Solution

Using goods-to-person picking technology, efficiency and accuracy is greatly improved;

Using Digital Twin (Twins)to realize real-time monitoring, initiative operation and maintenance, preventive maintenance, improve the stability of the system;

Using 3D vision technology to realize the automatic correction of the deflections and reduce the alarm rate;

Using fork variable (flexible) size technology to realize original box storage and retrieval operations of different specifications.

Meet the National Standard, European Standard, etc;

High-density storage, high-speed storage and retrieval, and high-precision processing;

Automatic flexible convey,AGV intelligent docking, can reach 11.4 meters of highest spot;

Vision algorithm solve the problems of blind storage, blind retrieval , cycle-count and so on;

Using Digital Twin to realize real-time monitoring, initiative operation and maintenance, preventive maintenance, improve the stability of the system;

The unmanned loading and unloading technology is used to realize the rapid loading and unloading of vehicles and boxes.

Case Study

Medical circulation smart warehouse

Pharmaceutical production line in-feeding system

Cold storage goods-to-person sorting

Realize cross-docking operation in picking phase

Picking by vision of machine

Intelligent visual algorithm

Solve the problems of blind storage & retrieval etc

Information traceability

Massive SKU precise management

High density storage

Stacker crane + Pallet runner

Fast inbound and outbound

Pallet-level goods

Unmanned automation

High efficiency, safety, cost effective

Highly automation

Optimize production Line

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