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Integrated intelligent logistics system in the whole life cycle

Vehicle Route Optimization Software

BlueSword intelligent distribution route optimization system can meets the demand of find management of logistics delivery of tobacco commercial enterprises, and realizes electronization, digitization and networking in the whole distribution process. Combined with the concept of flexible delivery, according to the principles of the best mileage, the best work balance, and according to the distribution and geographical area of retail customers, the overall solution of route optimization mode is formed by computer optimization. Help customers realize the integration and utilization of resources, and effectively reduce the work intensity of manager.


BlueSword Advantages


GIS Platform Maintenance


Data maintenance platform of 10,000-point routes optimization based on spatial GIS geographic technology.


Optimized Zoning Design


Optimize the calculation model, integrate the attributes of orders, customers, roads, commodities, vehicles and other intelligent modeling to optimize the zoning design.


Optimized Route Display


Optimized route display based on order, mileage and number of households.


Simulation of Navigation


Dynamic route optimization simulation navigation based on service unit.

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