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Integrated intelligent logistics system in the whole life cycle

Configurable WMS Software

BlueSword intelligent WMS can be closely integrated with the storage, order and production module of party A's system (WMS, ERP, MES, etc.), and can interface with other IT systems to ensure the automatic information transmission and realize resource sharing. Closely integrating all kinds of automation equipment, it can quickly and accurately perform warehousing tasks, and make correct analysis, monitoring and coordination of all business sections. At the same time, through the analysis of material flow and inventory data, the logistics data and auxiliary decision-making information are provided to the enterprise.


BlueSword Advantages


Enrich Integrated Practices


Hundreds of successful project cases including tobacco, e-commerce, medicine, daily chemical, manufacturing, fresh, intelligent electronics and other industries, with highly flexible processes and business rules configurable.


High Openness


Support various modes of logistics and warehousing in multiple industries. Support unified collaborative management of single warehouse, multi-point, multi-warehouse and multi-owner. Support seamless integration of bar-code, RFID, handheld terminal etc.


Full Visualization


3D real-time equipment dynamic monitoring based on B/S structure supports the visual management of logistics and warehousing.


Modular & Standardized Design


It adopts modular and standardized design, with high efficiency, flexibility, stability and extensibility, and can independently expand hardware and software as needed, so as to support seamless connection with existing business systems.


Advanced Algorithm


BlueSword self-developed "Kongming System" has integrated Inbound and outbound storage and sequence optimization algorithm, etc. into the WMS and WCS system, providing customers with efficient inbound and outbound services.

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