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Create high-quality logistics experience

E-Commerce Industry

In order to help e-commerce industry with massive orders, high efficiency and accuracy on sorting, BlueSword provide 3D honeycomb goods-to-person storage and sorting solution, and wildly used on many occasions in e-commerce head enterprises such as Vipshop, Kaola Overseas Shopping and cross-border e-commerce Shein.


Industry Characteristics


Big Quantity

Massive orders, Massive SKUs, Massive inventory.


High Demands

Pick by PO/SKU requires high timeliness and high accuracy.



The order depth is shallow, and it is difficult to merge orders.


Sorting by Zones

The traditional mode has low productivity and low space utilization.


Bluesword E-Commerce Solutions

3D Goods-to-Person
Automated storage and retrieval solutions

3D Intelligence
storage and buffering system

Using Goods-to-Person technology, pick-to-light, increase productivity by 300%;

Using 3D high-density storage technology, increase space utilization by 200%;

Smart storage and sorting, automatic replenishment and handling,increase accuracy by 240%;

Using digital twins technology, realize 3D-SCADA real time monitoring, initiative operation and maintenance, preventive maintenance and other core functions, improve the system stability and availability;

3D monitoring is used to realize the case displacement, the position can be adjusted intelligently;

The variable size technology is adopted to realize picking/placing of goods within a certain range by adjusting the fork distance,  and deal with the deformation of the carton or various original carton sizes.

Innovative use of two-load shuttle, double-deck lift and other components of the double position system, through the Kongming system algorithm logic, to achieve a high throughput capacity, efficiency increased by 180% -200%;

Using case level solutions, can improve the utilization of storage capacity;

Using 3D high-density storage to save space;

The whole process is completed automatically to realize the "unmanned warehouse" in the goods collection;

It can easily deal with the multi-partition and multi-batch merge orders scenarios of large e-commerce platforms, and more economic.

Case Study

Chinese leading e-commerce enterprise

A industry leading cross-border e-commerce enterprise

Benchmark of the e-commerce logistics center




MAX 900 thousand

Daily order processing capacity

410 Thousand


8 Million

Storage capacity

Get through Black Friday pressure perfectly

Aisles multi-shuttle system

15 Floors



Storage spots


Two-load shuttles

≥3 Million

Daily order processing capacity

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