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New Energy

Improve the logistics service capacity of new energy enterprises

New Energy Industry

As a leader in the high-end logistics robot industry, Bluesword has strong independent research and development capabilities, integral equipment industry chain, rich project integration experience. We can not only meet the high demands of customers for various products, safety, stability and practicability, but also provide one-stop turnkey solution.


Industry Characteristics


High Demanding for Safety Protection

Complete fire protection system.


High Precision Requirements

Meet the production line rhythm.


Special Requirements

Copper, zinc and nickel materials are prohibited.


Intellectualization Tendency

The construction of platform level logistics system needs to be realized.


New Energy Industry Solution

Raw Material AS/RS

Polar Plates Handling Solution

Single-mast pallet stacker crane/double-deep stacker crane to achieve high-density storage;

High-speed stacker crane to improve the turnover efficiency;

Automatic fire protection sensing system, to achieve safety guarantee;

Using Digital Twin to realize real-time monitoring, initiative operation and maintenance, preventive maintenance, improve the stability of the system;

Meet international and domestic (Chinese) safety protection standards.

AGV high-precision docking;

AGV intelligent handling to realize the docking of anode and cathode production lines;

Intelligent vision algorithm for accurate scheduling;

Laser composite navigation, reduce the site requirements;

Using Digital Twins to realize real-time monitoring, initiative operation and maintenance, preventive maintenance, improve the stability of the system.

Case Study

Power battery raw material automated AS/RS

Lithium finished product AS/RS

High-speed stacker crane

Efficient goods transfer

High storage flexibility

Compatible with multiple sizes of pallets

Faultless safety guarantee

Escort for lithium battery production

Digital Twins

Real-time monitoring, initiative operation and maintenance

3+3 Consign

Shorten the consign cycle and reduce the operating costs

Stacker crane & AGV

Automated inbound/outbound of finished products


Explosion-proof and fire protection perception

High density storage

Reduce operating costs

Sustainable development

Help carbon peak and carbon neutrality

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