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BlueSword Cloud

Full-scale, efficient and convenient end-to-end intelligent logistics


BlueSword Cloud

BlueSword Cloud is based on cloud computing, using the latest technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to build a safe, reliable, and efficient industrial application service ecological platform for customers. Its business covers SaaS software application, intelligent device IoT platform, data analysis, and AI automation, etc., and provides customers with intelligent logistics software application services around the whole life cycle of logistics.


Smart Warehouse Cloud Platform

Smart warehouse cloud platform composed of Pro-WMS, Pro-WCS, Pro-ROS, Pro-TMS and other industry software R&D by BlueSword. It provides customer with SaaS related to various industries.


Intelligent Device loT Platform

Based on the core technologies such as big data, cloud computing,AI, and the RaaS service business model, BlueSword Cloud provide customers with more digital value-added services for intelligent warehouse operations.

Smart Cloud

Constructing An Intelligent And Digital World With All Things Connected

Intelligent Logistics System
IMHS Product Cluster

Based on digital twins technology, BlueSword Intelligent Material Handling System covers the whole life of logistics process such as warehousing, sorting, distribution, billing, and assessment.

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