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End-to-End intelligent logistics solution supplier

Tobacco Industry

In the tobacco industry, BlueSword has served more than 100 out of the more than 300 local tobacco companies in China, covering 25 provinces and municipalities. It has realized the whole process automatic solution of warehousing, storage and sorting, picking, labeling and packaging, created a real unmanned warehouse.


Industry Characteristics


High Sorting Efficiency Requirements

Automatic palletizing/depalletizing, automatic inbound and outbound, automatic picking etc.


Large Numbers of Daily Orders

BlueSword realizes fewer labor in loading and unloading process, unmanned operation in the warehouse.


Improve Storage Capacity

Integrating pallet-level + case-level intensive storage and sorting system.


Special Information Control

Automatic assembly line can achieve monopoly household registration management.


Intelligent Logistics Information

Logistics operation information can be traced in the whole process.


Bluesword Tobacco Industry Solutions

Intelligent Unloading

Intelligent Unmanned Warehouse

High Bay Warehouse

Integrated Storage and Sorting

Standard Cigarette Solution

Alternative Cigarette Solution

Integrated Cigarette Solution

Sustainability Returnable Package

Digital Twins Solution

Solve the high labor intensity and high cost problem during manual loading and unloading of packed cigarette.

Solve the safety and intelligence of the traditional forklift truck.

Run faster, more stable, and more efficient;

Less building area, more storage capacity.

Flexible, stable andhighly efficient;

The real unmanned warehouse of the tobacco industry.

28,000 pieces/hour,highlyautomatic, stably.

Efficiency upto 12,000 pieces / hour;

The most  automated and stable among similar solutions.

Efficiency upto 28,000 pieces / hour;

End-to-end automated solution integrated standard and alternative cigarette.

Improve loading capacity and save transportation cost;

Decrease damaged cigarettes, reduce wastage;

Environment friendly, help our client turning to sustainability.

Provide data support for relevant decisions;

Understand the status of the equipment in real time, and make predictions, for preventive maintenance;

Help to turn digital and development of enterprises.

Case Study

Weifang Tobacco

Heze Tobacco

Jilin Tobacco

The first standard cigarette & light cigarette storage and sorting system in the tobacco industry

305,000 Cases

Overall volume

30852 Cases

Storage capacity


BlueSword fifth generation waterfall sorting lines

28,000 Pieces/hour

Sorting and picking efficiency


Horizontal sorting machines

Heze Tobacco integrated standard and light cigarette solution

250,000 Cases

Overall volume

25,000 Pieces/hour

Standard and alternative cigarette sorting efficiency

Storage and sorting aree

Multi-shuttle + multi-speed chain system

In-site technical reconstruction

Reconstruction investment savings

Optimize the partition

Uninterruptible production, optimize the functional partition

Jilin Tobacco intelligent logistics center solution, in-site technical reconstruction of light cigarette sorting

140,000 Cases

Overall volume

20,000 Pieces/hour

Standard and alternative cigarette sorting efficiency

5,000 Pieces/hour

Standard and alternative cigarette packing efficiency

10,000 Pieces/hour

Alternative cigarette sorting efficiency

3,000 Pieces/hour

Alternative cigarette packing efficiency

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