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Pattern Recognition Algorithm

Innovate AI technology and renovate intelligent logistics world

Robotic Arm Pattern Recognition Algorithm

The picking algorithm system based on vision technology is to complete the disorderly picking of goods in the crates and to realize the picking of specific goods according to the user's order. It consists of vision system, robot system, material transportation system and scanning system.


Technical Advantages

Highly Intelligent

It supports hundreds of different SKUs, and can also cope with many complex situations such as random placement of goods, close fitting, with face sheets, films, complex patterns, and pure black surfaces.

Highly Stability

It uses the laser camera, and has passed more than 7000 hours of continuous operation test with high stability. It also can intelligently plan the path to avoid collision and other problems.

Highly Compatibility

The product can be adapted to various mainstream brands of robotic arm, and be connected with various systems and software for secondary development.

Simple Deployment

A plug-and-play solution saves a lot of implementation time. A fully visual and code-free programming interface greatly reduces the usage difficulty and implementation costs.

Wide Cases

The solutions has been deployed in hundreds of customer scenarios, including leading companies in various industries of automobile, home appliances, steel, food etc.


The technology has obtained numbers of related patents, software Copyrights.

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