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Distribution Route Optimization Algorithm

Innovate AI technology and renovate intelligent logistics world

Fast Generation Algorithm of Distribution Route ​

The technology achieves the function of generating ten thousand nodes distribution routes within two hours by self-developed composite optimization algorithms. It not only ensures that the solution result is obtained quickly, but also ensures that the solution is a better one.


Technical Advantages

GIS Platform Maintenance

Data maintenance platform of 10,000-point routes optimization based on spatial GIS geographic technology.

Optimized Zoning Design

Optimize the calculation model, integrate the attributes of orders, customers, roads, commodities, vehicles and other intelligent modeling to optimize the zoning design.

Optimized Route Display

Optimized route display based on order, mileage and number of households.

Simulation of Navigation

Dynamic route optimization simulation navigation based on service unit.


The technology has obtained numbers of related patents, software Copyrights.

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