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Grand Opening of LogiMAT 2024, Bluesword Intelligent Shines Brightly

Mar 21 /2024

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The International Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management Exhibition (LogiMAT 2024) opened recently. Led by the company's founder and chairman, Mike Wu, Bluesword Intelligent's team included CEO Christ Zhang, Senior Vice Presidents Henry Shen and Bower Zhang, along with the overseas market development team. They showcased a variety of robots at this international logistics event, attracting the attention of many attendees.


Team photo

The LogiMAT International Logistics Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, is one of the largest professional logistics exhibitions in Europe. As one of Europe's most influential international logistics exhibitions, LogiMAT attracts numerous exhibitors from around the world each year to showcase the latest products and technologies, provide comprehensive industry information, and offer the best networking platform. This reputation has earned LogiMAT the title of a trendsetter in the logistics industry by exhibitors and attendees. Bluesword Intelligent also showcased its latest models of four-way pallet shuttle and upgraded versions of Forklift AGV at this exhibition, drawing a continuous flow of visitors to its booth.

Four-way Pallet Shuttle

The four-way pallet shuttle is a warehouse handling equipment independently developed by Bluesword Intelligent. It integrates intelligent control, four-way movement, automatic handling, and active obstacle avoidance functions. It is suitable for various industries such as tobacco, alcohol, e-commerce, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. It meets the high-density, high-efficiency, and high-flexibility warehousing requirements and is compatible with multiple pallet sizes.


The shuttle features an ultra-thin body with a load capacity of up to 1.5 tons, allowing for higher warehouse space utilization. It employs a fully servo-driven walking and lifting system, offering higher precision compared to hydraulic controls, with a more compact design that minimizes the risk of cargo contamination. With four-way all-wheel drive, it delivers stronger acceleration performance and smoother movement. Utilizing Bluesword's self-developed controller, it offers greater customization capabilities and enhanced stability.


Pausing at the four-way pallet shuttle vehicle

The pallet-level Goods-to-Person dense storage system, centered around the four-way pallet shuttle, offers numerous advantages including high storage density, high space utilization, strong adaptability to different sites, flexible design options, and expandable access efficiency. It represents an efficient, flexible, and highly automated intelligent warehousing solution.


Forklift AGV

The ForkLift-S(S)-1400-3 is an electric stacker AGV with a compact design and high shelf lifting capability. It can lift loads of up to 1400kg to a maximum height of 3 meters. With a width of only 1040mm, it can maneuver within narrow aisles as small as 2300mm when carrying a standard pallet measuring 1*1.2 meters for stacking and retrieving goods at right angles.


Attracted by AGV of forklift

Utilizing an advanced composite navigation system primarily based on laser SLAM navigation, it requires minimal environmental modification, with a short implementation cycle for mapping and real-time map updates online to adapt to dynamic environmental changes. The positioning accuracy can reach up to ±5mm or 1°. Coupled with Bluesword's self-developed digital twin simulation platform, it undergoes realistic simulation deployment testing before entering the field, enabling rapid deployment and operation in various complex application scenarios. It stands out as a star product with "high return on investment" and "high delivery efficiency."


Bulk shipments of the same model

Empowering the world with servo-driven solutions.

Implementation of servo systems in logistics power systems is the key technological innovation of Bluesword Intelligent, enabling precise material positioning, rapid conveyance, high flexibility to adapt to various scenarios, and easy maintenance. In 2023, Bluesword Intelligent successfully extended high-precision servo conveyance systems to multiple industries including photovoltaics, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.


A certain project's fully servo pallet conveying system

All products showcased at the exhibition site are driven by full servo motors. In 2024, Bluesword Intelligent will continue to focus on high-precision servo conveyance systems and expand into applications with heavy loads. Servo-based products are expected to play a role in more fields, accelerating the intelligent and efficient transformation of the logistics industry.

Continuing the excitement, awaiting your presence.

A comprehensive display of equipment and mature end-to-end solutions have attracted numerous professional attendees to engage in discussions and negotiations. They have been captivated by Bluesword Intelligent's professional analysis, explanations, and avant-garde planning and design concepts.


In-depth discussions on business requirements

Honored guests are warmly welcomed. Bluesword Intelligent has prepared sturdy and practical canvas bags for visiting attendees, encapsulating all cutting-edge logistics technologies to take away. The exhibition is still ongoing, and the excitement continues, with virtual seats awaiting for presence!


Audience spontaneously taking photos to express their love for the canvas bags

LogiMAT 2024

(March 19-21)



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