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Petri Net 3D Dynamic Simulation

Innovate AI technology and renovate intelligent logistics world

3D Simulation Technology based on OpenGL and Petri Net Model

The technology realizes 3D visual interface through the OpenGL engine, develops discrete event system modeling algorithm based on the Petri net model, which can realize a more professional logistics automation warehouse simulation.


Technical Advantages

Online Simulation

Supporting the import of order, inventory and other data from a variety of databases, then the established simulation model is combined to realize real-time dynamic online simulation.


The simulation model has both the functions of conventional and accelerated simulation. It can show the simulation animation and effect, quickly output simulation results and report.


We used the industrial standard level OpenGL engine. Comparing with the DirectX, it is more professional and versatile, and compatible with Windows, Unix, Linux and other OS.

Strong Adaptability

The Petri net modeling algorithm is more suitable for the discrete event-driven characteristics and the diversified simulation needs in logistics automation.


The technology has obtained numbers of related patents, software Copyrights.

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