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Packaging Machine

Automated packaging to meet the fast distribution needs

Cigarette Packing Machine

Responsible for automatically stacking and packing the sorted cigarettes according to the order requirements. It is necessary to consider the addition of different shapes of cigarettes after combination. At present, standard cigarettes and heterogeneous cigarettes are generally packaged respectively. Packaging is generally shrink film, and flexible returnable box can be selected according to the demand.

Fully automated

High reliability

Energy conservation

Realize the whole process of unpack - box up - sealing the box automation, packaging and distribution integration, reduce the distribution cost and improve the distribution efficiency.

Advanced technology, ensure that the seal is firm, the edge is neat and non-stick film. When there is an obstacle at the seal, the equipment is protected and alarm to prevent damage to the package.

Flexible returnable box can be recycled and reused repeatedly, It can not only save costs for enterprises, but also respond to the sustainability concept of "carbon neutrality".


Double-parallel Robots Plastic Film Packaging Machine

The palletizing module consists of double-parallel robots, responsible for stacking each cigarette in place layer by layer in order.

Operational compatibility of all categories of packed cigarettes.

The support of visual recognition technology and palletizing algorithm ensures the accuracy of grasping and the rationality of palletizing shape.

Double-parallel robots configuration conditions, packaging efficiency is up to 6,900 pieces / hour.


Flexible Returnable Cases Packaging Machine

Suitable for the whole category of cigarettes palletizing and packaging.

Double-parallel robots structure can realize the whole category of cigarettes palletizing, focusing on the different shapes cigarettes palletizing.  

The layer palletizing mechanism can realize the rapid palletizing of standard cigarettes.

The packaging machine can select the parallel robot mechanism and the layer palletizing mechanism according to the requirements.

The two can also be combined to achieve the function of different sizes of standard cigarette and different shapes cigarette mixed palletizing.

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