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Industrial Park

A whole series of core equipment for self-research and production

BlueSword Manufacturing Base

BlueSword Intelligent Manufacturing Base is located in Linyi County, Dezhou City, one hour's drive from Jinan headquarters. It has a perfect quality management system and strict production internal control standards, and it is responsible for the experiment of the production and R&D process of logistics robots.There are shuttle buses to facilitate the R&D personnel to and from the headquarters and the base.

Super Future Factory·Lighthouse Project

BlueSword Super Future Factory,includes super logistics center, rack sheet metal workshop, intelligent robot manufacturing workshop and a series of automatic production workshops. The production workshop integrates automatic welding, CNC processing, automatic assembly, ultra-dense storage, flexible scheduling and intelligent management and control. Among them, Bluesword super logistics center has a 45-meter-high stacker crane ASRS and a 35-meter-high multi-shuttle ASRS, which represents the frontier height of the world, and is also a lighthouse in the logistics industry.

After the super future factory is completed and put into operation, it will broaden the production capacity of Bluesword products. Improve ability to guarantee the existing customer needs, and supporting for the effective coverage of customer needs in more industries.

Pulsating Shuttle Robot Production Line

Shuttle robot is one of the famous products of BlueSword, demand has been increasing since it was first put into use in 2012. Bluesword uses lean manufacturing ideas to redesign, optimize and balance the assembly process, realize the station-position assembly operation according to the rhythm, and achieve the Pulsating production that shortens the assembly cycle and meets customer requirements.


New Product Incubator of Pilot Workshop

BlueSword R&D team has a special pilot workshop for its testing in the base. It is mainly to provide a site for the stability, improvement and performance improvement of the new product test, and it is also a "test run" before the mass production market, it can help to improve the efficiency of the actual commissioning period, shorten the commissioning cycle, and reduce the cost.

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