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Customized design based on 3D simulation


Relying on the company's technical advantages in scheme planning, software research and development, system design, etc. in the warehousing and logistics automation system industry, we provide customers with related engineering and management consulting planning services, and customize solutions that can meet the real needs of customers in the whole process.

Engineering and Technical Consulting & Planning

Conduct applicability scheme design before conducting construction for customers

Logistics Park

Distribution Center

Logistics System

Information System

Distribution Routes

Process Planning


Management Technology Consulting & Planning

After implementation, the system will help our customers to optimizing fluency of use and efficiency



Placement Management

Equipment Management

Full Service,Guarantee of High Quality Completion and Hand Over

Professional and Reliable, Achieve Excellent Benefits

3D Simulation

Make the Plan More Scientific and Reliable

By using our independent research and development of 3D simulation software,we find problems in advance in the planning stage through simulation system modeling, operation and analysis.Evaluate and analyze the design scheme to find the system bottleneck, so as to ensure the scientific and reliability of the system, reduce the subsequent changes and rework to the execution of the system.


Customized Solutions

Comprehensive consideration of logistics strategy, warehousing layout, project construction, business process, on site management, cost management, performance appraisal, personnel team and other different aspects, to provide customers with customized construction solutions, management solutions and optimization solutions that can effectively meet their own needs.


International Expert Team

Expert consultants team are composed of experts from Georgia Tech, Tsinghua University and allover the world; Including of doctors, masters and business elites with more than 15 years of experience in logistics automation.

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