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High-order S-curve Motion Control

Innovate AI technology and renovate intelligent logistics world

High-order S-curve Motion Control

This technology is applied to the straight reciprocating motion control of many products through the independently developed high-order S curve algorithm. The equipment can achieve a better acceleration and deceleration.


Technical Advantages

High-order Algorithm

Based on a variety of high-order Bessel curves, the vehicle travels more smoothly, the goods are more stable, and the travel efficiency is improved more than 10%.

Artificial Simulation

This technology has a good characteristic in simulating the travelling route of manual forklifts. The turning efficiency is higher and the travelling is more stable.

Quick Positioning

Taking the stacker crane as an example, with high-order S-curve speed control technology, the positioning time can reach within 0.5s.


The technology has obtained numbers of related patents, software Copyrights.

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