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Aerial Shuttle

Extremely optimize the space utilization

Aerial Shuttle

It consists of intelligent dispatching system, rail system,maintenance platform system, power supply system, communication system, rail trolley, electronic control system, etc.

Widely used

Saving space

Production line docking





Widely used in automobile, tire, electronics and other industries of the production line material handling.

Overhead monorail and modular design concept realize the shuttle travelling back and forth in the air, and improve the space utilization rate of the plant.

It can realize the connection between the production line and the storage, save the intermediate convey, divert and lifting, and improve the system efficiency.

The intelligent dispatching system can realize the optimization of multi-vehicle task allocation and optimization of travel routes,which greatly improves the effective working time of trolley and improves system efficiency.

The higher-order S-curve motion control algorithm is adopted to greatly improve the stability of walking and lifting.In addition, the front part of the shuttle is equipped with a 180-degree laser obstacle avoidance radar to ensure the safety of operation.

The Aerial-shuttle has a flexible clamp fixture for the tire industry. A single fixture adapts to the multi-specification tire size and has a trigger sensor on the fixture to ensure the stability of the grasp.

According to the needs of different industries, we can use different vehicles, including vehicle with grasp, vehicle with basket, vehicles with fork and so on.


General Product Parameters

Rail material: aluminum alloy.

Power supply: non-contact power supply / wire touched by slip power supply.

Communication: WIFI / leaky-wave antenna / waveguide.

Load capacity: 50kg.

Motor type: servo motor.

Travelling positioning accuracy: ± 3mm.

Maximum travelling speed: 5 m/s.

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