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Wu Yaohua, Chairman of BlueSword , was awarded the third "Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Hall of Fame"

Mar 01 /2023

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Recently, the 9th Annual China Pharmaceutical Logistics Industry Conference was successfully held in Zhuhai, hosted by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Holdings Co. With the theme of "Borderless - New Ecology", the summit invited more than 1,000 representatives, including many industry experts and scholars, heads of medical institutions and executives from upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, to focus on the common needs and problems of industry development and explore the new value of pharmaceutical supply chain in all aspects.

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Mr. Wu Yaohua, Founder and Chairman of BlueSword , President of BlueSword  Research Institute, and Mr. Lin Mao, Senior Vice President, were invited to attend this pharmaceutical industry event.

At the meeting, Mr. Wu Yaohua, Chairman of the Board, was awarded the third "Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Hall of Fame" together with four executives of leading pharmaceutical companies. This honor is intended to recognize the industry pioneers and perseverers who have been exploring in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time and have made outstanding contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

3 中国物流与采购联合会副会长兼秘书长崔忠付为吴董事长颁发荣誉(1).jpg

Cui Zhongyu, Vice President and Secretary General of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, presented the honor to Chairman Wu

"Thank you all for the recognition, this award makes me more determined to persevere in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time, to keep exploring, developing and growing, we have to accept one challenge after another with responsibility and commitment, and meet the future glory together with our colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry." Chairman Wu said at the recognition ceremony.

"Striving for excellence is his pursuit of professionalism. Continuous improvement is his standard for quality. Specialization is his dedication to research in the field of pharmaceutical logistics. Nearly thirty years of technical accumulation and precipitation allows him to create the first domestic pharmaceutical cold storage operation of a high degree of automation. He has formed a fist to cast the cornerstone, and his original intention has not changed."

--Third "Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Hall of Fame Members" commendation ceremony Chairman Wu Yaohua's commendation speech

In this conference, Chairman Wu Yaohua was also invited to participate in the "Chief Dialogue" session of the main forum, deconstructing the key elements affecting the development of pharmaceutical supply chain industry from the multi-dimensional perspective of industry, policy and market, and looking ahead to the new ecology of pharmaceutical supply chain in the future.


Chairman Wu Yaohua talked about, "Establishing an agile supply chain is the key for pharmaceutical logistics companies to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry and meet customer demand through flexibility in efficiency, cost and service capability. Intelligence can realize scientific decision-making, solve all kinds of uncertainties and irregularities in the logistics process with deep learning and enhanced algorithms, which is an important grip for establishing an agile supply chain".


As an industry expert engaged in the field of warehouse logistics automation for more than 30 years, Chairman Wu Yaohua has been leading BlueSword to strive to solve the pain points of the pharmaceutical industry with new technologies, new equipment and new models. For example, the innovative cold chain unmanned warehouse technology for pharmaceutical warehousing, the multi-wear cargo-to-person picking system, the AS/RS automated storage system with automatic picking, the variable size high-speed intelligent shuttle for automatic picking of full cases of pharmaceuticals, and the picking robot with 3D vision system, etc.

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Among them, the automated three-dimensional cold storage built by BlueSword  for the special characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry will change the traditional "people looking for goods" mode to "goods to people" mode, realizing the automation of the whole process of storage, picking and delivery, which not only greatly improves the operational efficiency, but also avoids the loss of cold volume and data errors caused by human factors; at the same time, it effectively helps pharmaceutical enterprises to achieve maximum cost reduction and efficiency in terms of labor costs.


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Having cultivated the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 20 years, BlueSword has developed innovative solutions from the needs of pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical distribution, hospital in-hospital logistics, pharmaceutical retail and other segments, and successfully established modernized pharmaceutical logistics centers integrating operation automation, management informationization and process standardization in Sinopharm Shanxi, Nanjing Pharmaceutical and Tianjin Tianyao, etc., and won the "Pharmaceutical intelligent storage sorting system - the first domestic (set) technology and equipment research and development enterprise", "the first prize of science and technology progress award of China Federation of Material Science and Technology Award", "pharmaceutical supply chain top ten technology and equipment enterprises ", "China's top ten technology and equipment service providers for pharmaceutical supply chain" and many other pharmaceutical industry honors.


As an important link in the pharmaceutical industry chain, pharmaceutical logistics plays an important role in ensuring the quality and safety of the whole process and the whole life cycle of drugs. With an efficient whole-process intelligent logistics system, BlueSword helps pharmaceutical enterprises coordinate and improve storage, sorting and distribution, promote the construction of intelligent supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry, and help modernize and upgrade the pharmaceutical industry.

"Tough enough to dance with the wind, strong enough to hold the force of a thousand pounds!"

BlueSword, which is about to celebrate its 30th birthday,will use its professionalism and wisdom to work with Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to build a new ecology of high-quality development of pharmaceutical supply chain!

The surging upward BlueSword will have great potential!

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