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Double material honor! Rochester has been recognized as a provincial-level "one enterprise, one technology" research and development center and one of the first batch of "Morning Star factories"

Jun 26 /2023

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Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province announced the list of "One Enterprise, One Technology" R&D centers in Shandong Province in 2023 and the list of the first batch of digital economy "Morning Star Factory" inbound cultivation projects in Shandong Province. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Lanjian Intelligent - Shandong Luojiest Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully selected and recognized with double honors!

Shandong Province "One Enterprise, One Technology" R&D Center

The "One Enterprise, One Technology" R&D Center is an innovation platform for enterprises in their respective industries and fields, focusing on breaking through and mastering key core technologies, and seizing the commanding heights of scientific and technological strategies. It is mainly responsible for conducting technological research and development, transforming technological achievements, collaborating with industry, university, and research institutions, and cultivating innovative talents, promoting the role of enterprise technological innovation and demonstration. At the same time, the company's products have proprietary and unique technologies in production, manufacturing, processing, quality control, consumption reduction, cost reduction, and are at the forefront of the industry, with outstanding competitive advantages, which can enhance the company's technological innovation ability and core competitiveness.

Shandong Luojieste Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully obtained this recognition with multiple key technologies such as "simulation based lightweight design technology, speed control technology based on multi-level S-curve, tray position and appearance information detection technology, and composite navigation technology". It has been selected for the list of "one enterprise, one technology" research and development centers in Shandong Province in 2023.


This is the recognition of the first provincial-level innovation and R&D platform by Rogers, marking a new step for Rogers in promoting technological progress and improving innovation capabilities.

This honor is a full recognition of Rogerster and confirms that Rogerster has significant development and competitive advantages in the industry, with relatively complete research and development conditions, relevant software and hardware supporting facilities, equipment, and talent team size. It attaches importance to the development of cutting-edge technology and has the ability to carry out high-level technological innovation.

The first batch of digital economy "Morning Star Factory" in Shandong Province

"Morningstar Factory" refers to a manufacturing factory with characteristics of technology leadership, mode innovation, integration and collaboration, green and low-carbon at different stages of development. It provides "reference" for intelligent transformation and upgrading of factories in different industries, different fields, and different stages of development, and is a "Weather vane" to help the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.


The successful selection of Rogers highlights the company's strong strength in the intelligent application of digital technology, and is also another new honor obtained by the company in its efforts to build a green low-carbon digital intelligent factory and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence.


Founded in 1993, Lanjian Intelligence adheres to the core development concept of "innovation only" and has been continuously cultivating in the field of logistics technology for thirty years. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Shandong Luojieste Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. As a self built high-tech logistics equipment and technology industrial park, it has been committed to innovative research and development of warehousing logistics technology and self research and production of a full range of logistics robots.


After continuous expansion and renovation, Rochester has been upgraded to a 300 acre Super Future Factory. This is not only one of the largest bases specialized in logistics equipment production in China, but also the 45 meter high super high stacker system and 35 meter high super multi threading system in the intelligent factory are innovative benchmarks for ultra high intelligent logistics application scenarios in the industry.


In the future, Rogerster will fully leverage the leading role of the R&D center, further increase R&D investment, strengthen key core technology research and development, technology achievement transformation, industry university research cooperation, and innovative talent cultivation, and promote advanced industrial foundation and modernization of the industrial chain.

At the same time, Rochester will also actively play a leading role in the demonstration of intelligent factories, continuously assisting in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and achieving high-quality development!


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