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Integrated intelligent logistics system in the whole life cycle

Configurable WCS Software

BlueSword intelligent WCS system integrates the industrial control network or special control system of various execution devices, including shuttle-cart, lift, manipulator, handheld terminal and other equipment. It requires stable and reliable operation, fast and accurate execution of logistics instructions, and provides online, automatic and manual operation modes with good maintainability.


BlueSword Advantages


System Structure


Based on micro-service structure and agile development mode, the system has strong extensibility and high reliability.


Fault Monitoring


Based on the 3D-SCADA monitoring platform, the alarm point can be quickly judged and recovered, and the fault can be locked to the specific parts or components of the equipment.


Flexible Expansion Docking


Real-time handshake protocol with equipment; task judgment logic is better than PLC layer with good scalability; support black box, white box, gray box and other modes and WMS docking.


Avoid Risks For Customers


Compared with other software suppliers, BlueSword is a integrator of software and hardware, which can avoid the interface risk caused by customers choosing different hardware manufacturers.

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