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BlueSword helps to build a 5G intelligent three-dimensional storage system

Dec 29 /2022

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The rapid development of modern industry and the increasingly fierce market competition have put forward higher, faster and more intelligent requirements for the three-dimensional warehouse technology. Stacker, shuttle, AGV, RGV and other as the core equipment in the whole automatic three-dimensional warehouse system, its stability directly determines the overall operation efficiency of the three-dimensional warehouse.

However, at present, the communication transmission of these equipment mostly adopts WIFI technology, which has certain limitations. There are problems such as easy interference and easy drop. Especially, the blocking of dense goods in the elevated library blocks WIFI signal, which may have a certain impact on the stable operation of the equipment.

At the same time, with the diversification and intelligent application of logistics technology, more and more visual and information reading function devices need to be added, which puts forward higher requirements for communication bandwidth and communication quality. Therefore, it is particularly urgent for 5G communication technology with high stability, strong anti-interference ability and wide application range.


Fujian EASY JOY SINOPEC central warehouse 5G wisdom storage project, located in Quanzhou city of Fujian province spring port, belonging to Quanzhou long han logistics co., LTD., system construction for BlueSword intelligent technology co., LTD., the main business source of Fujian (SINOPEC, PETROCHINA) convenience store central warehouse business, the operation of FMCG contains rice flour oil, drinks, beverage, small food, daily necessities, cleaning supplies, etc., category of more than 3500 kinds. The central warehouse project can realize the mode of two weekly distribution, multiple distribution and daily distribution, mainly including the process of receiving, sorting, delivery, distribution and so on, radiating to more than 2,000 stores in the province.

5G technology realizes the simultaneous access of 100 levels of IOT equipment, ensures stable connection and safe operation, and builds a green and agile supply chain system, which is effectively optimized in saving labor costs, improving sorting efficiency and accelerating the circulation of batches, and finally drives the improvement of economic benefits of enterprises. At the same time, according to the requirements of 5G intelligent storage in intelligent picking, efficient data processing and local storage, and according to the characteristics of different production processes of Longhan Logistics, the construction of various 5G industrial Internet will be promoted.


1. Intelligent sorting and transportation

Combined with 5G technology, intelligent warehouse can realize the simultaneous access of 100 levels of iot equipment. The application of 5G ensures the accurate positioning of iot equipment such as shuttle car and the accurate distribution of order tasks, and realizes the interconnection of the whole process of goods from warehousing to sales. Enterprises can accurately control the state of goods in real time to ensure the efficient operation of goods sorting. The shuttle car and mobile PAD use 5G signal to upload the service data, and upload it to the UPF of Quanzhou Unicom computer room through the base station and transmission system, and then send it through the UPF data sorting through the special line. The synchronous operation instructions are also reverse sent to the service terminal through the same line. The comprehensive coverage of 5G network shows great advantages in ensuring that equipment is stable and safe.

2. The WCS automated control system

WCS based on unicom 5G private network implementation of 5G terminal equipment management and scheduling, can effectively coordinate various logistics equipment such as conveyor, stacker, shuttle, electronic tags, AGV operation, mainly through the task engine and message engine, optimization decomposition, analysis execution path, for the upper system scheduling instruction execution guarantee and optimization, realize the integration, unified scheduling and monitoring of various equipment system interface.

The in-depth application of 3D-SCADA makes the state of the equipment in the execution process more three-dimensional, rich and visual, which is convenient for users to quickly grasp the overall situation of the system and equipment. In the direction of intelligent management, the cloud platform interacts with warehouse goods in real time, one product and one code, dynamic and accurate control, and through 5G + MEC technology, unified integration into the cloud platform to realize data sharing, providing auxiliary decision-making basis for macro management of enterprises and technical support for data supervision.

3. The WMS warehouse management system

Based on providing complete logistics management integrated services, the defined logistics information standardized interface model meets the requirements of longhan logistics docking system, and can realize unified input, unified storage, unified display of warehouse management. At the same time, through the edge deployment of 5G + MEC, the storage data can be processed, calculated and stored in the first time, and realize the effective display of the central warehouse data not leaving the park and the processing results.

4. 5G smart storage application effect

5G wisdom storage project putting-in-service proactively, effectively improve the spare storage and storage capacity, save area, improve the overall level of park logistics operation, realize the flexible distribution, SKU is expected to double the total, storage distribution goods value, distribution rate 99%, 99.98%, return 99%, inventory rate accuracy 99.99%, warehousing rate 99.5% of intelligent storage effect, for the final build green, agile supply chain system, laid a solid foundation.

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