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BlueSword College

BlueSword college is the cradle of training higher gradation talents.

The Orientation of BlueSword College


Helping the company to promote strategic development and reach the goal of internationalization.


Committed to accelerating the training of talents and continuously delivering the backbone for enterprises.


The study in BlueSword College has enabled more employees to be competent.


Mission of BlueSword College

The mission of BlueSword College is to realize the transmission and sharing of knowledge through the construction of training platform, knowledge base, and training mechanism, so as to create a positive cycle of the training system.

Cultivate logistics technology elites with mechanical, electrical, and software integration.

Cultivate marketing elites with integrated planning and sales.

Cultivate management elites facing the age of artificial intelligence.

Training System of BlueSword College

On-the-job skills training


Practical courses and various forms of on-the-job skill training.

Management skills training


Improve the leadership ability of the management team.

Career development training


Improve the career development skill of all employees.

Corporate-culture training


Inculcate corporate culture and enterprise spirit through training.

Learning Methods of BlueSword College

BlueSword college follows the“70:20:10 model”, integrates the three teaching methods of case teaching, action learning, and mixed learning, and creates diversified training means and methods.


Education & Training

Classroom training, exam-oriented training, practice-oriented training, visiting and learning, expert lectures, internal/external training, online training.


Coaching & Feedback

Tutor guidance, evaluation&feedback, oral defense, reading sharing, case discussion, career guidance, coach guidance.


Practical & Experiencing

Work practice, undertaking projects, job rotation, action learning, transboundary learning.


Online Learning Platform ( Empower College )

Empower College

Course Center

Examination Center

Lecturer Center

Learning Map

Empower college is the online learning platform of BlueSword college, it is constructed based on the DingTalk enterprise office system, including four major function modules: course center, examination center, lecturer center, and learning map. The aim of the empower college is to enable the staff to quickly learn job-relative skills by utilizing fragmented time.

The course center includes 11 modules: scheme design, product research&development, production installation, project installation, project commissioning, after-sales operation and maintenance, software development, production management, project management, enterprise management, and security management, which covers various aspects of BlueSword whole business process.

The examination center is the functional carrier of the learning modes of exam-oriented training and practice-oriented training. The scope of examination includes important knowledge points in various business courses. Through the exam preparation, the staff will deepen their understanding of the knowledge.

The lecture center consists of core technicians and aims to provide high-quality professional courses.

Learning map, a platform for planning the learning path of employees, tailors learning paths for employees according to their professional level and the characteristics of their positions to help them learn quickly.

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