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Provincial Party Secretary Lin Wu visited BlueSword Logistics Equipment Production Base for research and guidance

Feb 24 /2024

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From February 21st to 23rd, Provincial Party Secretary Lin Wu visited Dezhou City to conduct in-depth research on enterprises, project sites, industrial research institutes, water conservancy hubs, and grassroots comprehensive governance centers.

During the investigation, Secretary Lin Wu visited multiple enterprises such as the BlueSword Logistics Equipment Production Base to have in-depth exchanges with enterprise leaders and technical backbones. He gained a detailed understanding of technological innovation, production and operation, and industrial chain extension, and listened to the opinions and suggestions of enterprises on optimizing the business environment and promoting the implementation of policies that benefit enterprises.

Among them, at the BlueSword Logistics Equipment Production Base, Wu Yaohua, founder and chairman of BlueSword, accompanied Secretary Lin Wu to visit the operation area of the 45 meter high super logistics center, the AGV/AMR mobile robot assembly and debugging area, the Asian Elephant automatic loading and unloading vehicle system debugging area, and the tray four-way shuttle vehicle assembly area


Secretary Lin Wu congratulated the achievements made by various enterprises in their development and encouraged them to continuously strengthen and grow. He emphasized the need to continuously focus on the direction of high-end, intelligent, green, and cluster development, transform traditional industries, strengthen emerging industries, and accelerate the cultivation of advantageous industrial clusters.

Stable development, adhering to highly independent innovation, and adhering to high-quality sustainable development are the development ideas that BlueSword has always adhered to.

2024 is another year of both opportunities and challenges. blueSword will continue to adhere to technological innovation, actively develop new quality productive forces, and unleash the new momentum of BlueSword's "scientific and technological innovation attributes"!

(Source: Comprehensive media platforms such as Shandong TV, Popular Daily, and Popular News Client)


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