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IMHS-Simulation 3D-SCADA

Integrated intelligent logistics system in the whole life cycle

IMHS-Simulation 3D-SCADA

BlueSword Intelligent 3D Data Acquisition and Monitoring System (IMHS-Simulation 3D-SCADA) uses digital twins to build a full scene intelligent 3D monitoring system, and displays any equipment, materials and events in the physical world to the digital twins system through high-precision models, so as to realize complete digital intelligent visualization. In order to facilitate users to operate in a set of interfaces, 3D SCADA will combine the interface data of WCS, WMS and TPM with 3D models to show users more intuitively.


BlueSword Advantages


Real-time Monitoring


With 360° viewing, each individual device's status can be seen visually and reflected on in real time on every other device in the monitoring system.


Real-time Data/Control


It can collect all sensor information of each device in real time, and reflect it on each device of monitoring system. Through 3D monitoring system, it can control the devices.


Fault Early Warning


When the equipment alarms, the fault location and relative information can be reflected in devices of the monitoring system.


Video Linkage


It can operate remotely and achieve remote fault treatment visualization, as well as video collecting linkage of key equipment failures and video linkage of the key equipment layout.


Data Report


The system includes self-defined fault inquiry and statistics functions, as well as the ability to automatically export reports.

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