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Make warehouse management simplified

Textile Industry

In recent years, due to the impact of the e-commerce, the textile industry has joined the e-commerce platform, so there is a great demand for automatic storage and retrieval system, such as large-scale, high efficiency, high accuracy of disassembly and picking demand. Bluesword provides the solution of integrating 3D goods to person storage and sorting system (BeeNest), which has been widely used.


Industry Characteristics


Too Much Labor and Low Productivity

The operation time is long, manual picking efficiency is low.


Complex Operating Environment

Some workshop temperature is high, personnel need to complete the material handling in the workshop.


Error Rate is High

The error rate of manual picking and delivery is high, need to set a second review post, resulting in higher labor costs.


Inaccurate Data Statistics

The data in the warehouse is inaccurate, which cannot provide a basis for the market forecast.


Textile Industry Solution

Case-level Solution

Pallet-level Solution

Using goods to person sorting technology, productivity is greatly improved, but also can improve the storage density;

AGV realizes automatic logistics in the workshop, and reduce labor;

BlueSword IMHS system, the overall solution of warehouse data, can actively analyze the order structure, to provide sales and production data support;

Using Digital Twins to realize real-time monitoring, initiative operation and maintenance, preventive maintenance, improve the stability of the system.

Whole pallet storage to achieve the overall storage of raw materials, intermediate materials, finished products, according to the product specification, storage by batch,  integrating storage and sorting for convenient delivery;

High-density storage, high-speed storage and retrieval, and high-precision processing;

AGV intelligent handling, can reach 11.4 meters of highest spot;

Vision algorithm solve the problems of blind storage, blind retrieval , cycle-count and so on.

Case Study

Textile AS/RS





Storage and sorting

High speed

Storage and retrieval

High density



Depalletizing and picking

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