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The launch meeting of the 14th Five Year Plan National Key R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology was successfully held at the BlueSword Super Future Factory

Mar 08 /2024

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Recently, the launch meeting of the "Cultural Technology and Modern Service Industry" key special project of the 14th Five Year Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, led by BlueSword, titled "Research and Demonstration Application of Digital Logistics Service Technology and Platform for E-commerce", was successfully held at the BlueSword Super Future Factory.

Zhang Jinguo, Director of the Modern Service Industry Department of the High tech Center of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chai Yueting, a project responsibility expert and professor at Tsinghua University, Wang Zhi, a project responsibility expert and professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University, Wu Yaohua, the project leader and founder and chairman of BlueSword , Liu Weihua, a professor at Tianjin University, Wei Xiaochao, a professor at Wuhan University of Technology, Hu Xiaomin, a professor at Guangdong University of Technology, and Wang Lin, a professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zou Xia, Vice President of BlueSword Technology, and other leading experts, as well as members of participating units such as Northwest Polytechnical University, University of International Business and Economics, Yanjin Puzi Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pharmaceutical Logistics Center Co., Ltd., and Wuxi Times Angel Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., attended the meeting together. Professor Hu Xiangpei from Dalian University of Technology, Professor Liang Changyong from Hefei University of Technology, Professor Li Yibin from Shandong University, Professor Geng Yushui from Qilu University of Technology, and Professor Chen Zhenxiang from Jinan University were invited as special experts to attend the kickoff meeting.


At the beginning of the meeting, Director Zhang Jinguo delivered a speech congratulating Lan Jian Intelligence on being selected as the leading unit of the project with excellent results. Provide strong support for the construction of a technological powerhouse. In addition, Director Zhang Jinguo provided a detailed and detailed explanation of the special management requirements for this project from six aspects, and put forward relevant constructive guidance.


Zhang Jinguo, Director of the Modern Service Industry Department of the High tech Center of the Foundation of China

Project responsibility expert and Tsinghua University professor Chai Yueting presided over the project inquiry and guidance session of this kickoff meeting. Project responsibility expert and Xi'an Jiaotong University professor Wang Zhi provided guidance suggestions for the high-quality implementation of the project. The specially invited experts at the meeting, Professor Hu Xiangpei, Professor Liang Changyong, Professor Li Yibin, Professor Geng Yushui, and Professor Chen Zhenxiang, also provided relevant opinions for the subsequent implementation of the project.


Project Responsibility Expert and Professor Chai Yueting from Tsinghua University (Left)

Project Responsibility Expert and Professor Wang Zhi from Xi'an Jiaotong University (right)

Wu Yaohua, founder and chairman of BlueSword, delivered a speech, warmly welcoming and sincerely thanking all the leading experts for their attendance. He said, "The launch of this project marks a milestone new stage of development for BlueSword, and is a new starting point for achieving the company's high-quality development goals. It has immeasurable significance in breaking through industry technology bottlenecks and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.". I believe that under the guidance of leaders and experts at all levels, and with the concerted efforts of various project groups, we will be able to successfully achieve various goals and make greater contributions to accelerating the realization of high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement, and serving the high-quality development of the industry.


Wu Yaohua, Founder and Chairman of BlueSword Technology Co., Ltd

This project aims to break through the scientific problem of "agile matching and fast and accurate traceability decision-making in the digital e-commerce logistics service ecosystem", with the goal of improving the digital logistics service capabilities of pharmaceutical and food e-commerce. The core content is "ecosystem construction, data fast and accurate control, intelligent equipment manufacturing, and platform service optimization". It proposes a multi-agent connection and integration digital logistics service model for pharmaceutical and food e-commerce, and studies three types of technologies and system equipment: precise positioning retrieval, intelligent monitoring, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and path optimization. It solves practical needs such as low platform integration, insufficient agility, weak traceability ability, and low personalized service matching degree, and achieves on-demand service and application demonstration of the digital logistics service platform.


As a listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board with more than 30 years of development history, BlueSword has the titles of Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, "One Enterprise, One Technology" R&D Center, and other provincial-level R&D platforms. It is a winning unit in the "Intelligent Logistics Equipment" field of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and a national "specialized, refined, and new" small giant enterprise (Linyi BlueSword), with a strong foundation in digital logistics optimization, system and equipment research and application


Clouds rise, and thousands of miles can be expected.

BlueSword will continue to enhance its industry influence and cohesion with an open, cooperative, and win-win attitude, striving to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of equipment manufacturing, and make new contributions to the manufacturing and technological power with "new quality productivity"!


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