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IMHS-Offline Commissioning System

Integrated intelligent logistics system in the whole life cycle

IMHS-Offline Commissioning System

BlueSword Off-line Commissioning function of BlueSword intelligent Digital Twins system establishes a simulation database and simulation signals prior to the equipment being used, previews the entire process of commissioning, quickly identifies potential risks, and reduces the overall project construction period through parallel commissioning and construction, advance testing, and corresponding optimization; Additionally, before the official test, it underwent a number of iterations of off-line commissioning and was subsequently improved to reduce the length of the test verification process.


BlueSword Advantages


Unit Commissioning


Through these simulated digital models, engineers can debug and experiment virtually, which can optimize the equipment operation.


PLC Commissioning


The system supports the connection of multiple PLC for simulation commissioning, the dynamic modification of PLC connection parameters and the data interconnection of multiple PLC.


Off-line Commissioning


The whole process preview before commissioning is provided, which can quickly locate potential risks and shorten the project construction period.


Test Optimization


Customers may receive a test environment from the off-line commissioning platform that is identical to the actual physical equipment. Additionally, it may simulate how the system would operate under duress, change the parameters, and improve the logic in accordance with the test results.

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