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BlueSword won many industry authoritative Awards

Aug 12 /2022

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Recently, BlueSword intelligent has won three authoritative awards in the industry with its continuous deep cultivation in the field of intelligent logistics and its excellent product R&D strength and service innovation advantages. The company's honor list has added new colors!

"Double material" award of global logistics technology conference

As the gathering place and wind vane of global advanced logistics technology, the global logistics technology conference hosted by China Federation of logistics and procurement has been held for many times, and has become one of the most important technology events in the field of logistics technology.


At the recent 2022 global logistics technology conference, BlueSword intelligent won the "recommended brand of logistics technology and equipment" again with its continuously innovative logistics equipment technology and rich project implementation experience!


Dr. Zhang Yigong, senior vice president of BlueSword intelligent and head of innovation product R&D center, has always been committed to the research and development of high-end logistics technology and intelligent equipment. With rich R&D experience and achievements, he was awarded the "2022 logistics technology ingenuity figure"!


Top 10 system integrators (warehousing and logistics industry)

In addition, the 2022 (fifth) high tech robot integrator conference and the top 10 system integrator award ceremony also came to a successful conclusion recently. At the meeting, Gaogong robot industry research institute officially released the list of top 10 system integrators in 2022, and BlueSword intelligent was once again listed. With its comprehensive strength advantages in product research and development, intelligent manufacturing, project implementation and customer service, it won the "top 10 system integrators in 2022 (warehousing and logistics industry)"!


As a high-end brand in China's logistics science and technology field, BlueSword intelligent has always adhered to the core development concept of "only innovation" since its establishment in 1993, and is committed to the innovative research and development of new technologies in the industry, the intelligent manufacturing of new products, and the promotion and application of the whole process intelligent logistics system solutions.


Benchmarking cases have been spread across various industries such as large-scale retail, e-commerce, tobacco, medicine, books, shoes and clothing, electronic communications, electric power, printing, automobile, petrochemical, cold chain, new energy, agriculture and animal husbandry, household appliances, machinery, food, home furnishing, etc., and a large number of global well-known customers have been accumulated.


Advantages of the whole product chain from software and hardware to system integration

For nearly 30 years, BlueSword intelligent has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent logistics. With its continuous scientific and technological innovation ability, BlueSword intelligent has already possessed the advantages of the whole product chain from software and hardware to system integration.

BlueSword intelligent, which started with software, has always been in the forefront of science and technology in the research and development of core logistics software. It applied the digital twin technology to the field of logistics science and technology earlier, and successfully independently developed and successfully applied the Bluesword digital twin system.


In addition, relying on the strong support of super future factory, the company's core products such as storage robots, shuttle robots, handling robots, picking robots, loading and unloading robots, destacking robots, and aerial robots have been self-developed and produced, covering almost the whole process of storage, picking, transportation, production, handling, packaging, monitoring and management.


Comprehensive service ability to effectively respond to customers' personalized needs

Intelligent warehousing and logistics automation system involves many links. It is a system engineering with high complexity, large investment scale and outstanding customization characteristics. In order to provide customized and differentiated solutions for different customers' personalized needs, BlueSwor intelligent has continuously innovated at the solution level, established and improved the customized project design and implementation process oriented by customer needs, which can quickly respond to customer needs and provide customized and innovative solutions for different customers and the needs of the same customer at different stages.


Honor is added to the body, and the original intention remains unchanged

Focusing on the high-end market and leading enterprises, with the advantages of perfect product chain, high-end customized service capability and continuous innovation R & D gene, BlueSword intelligent has always striven forward with confidence towards the vision of "becoming the pioneer of global high-end intelligent logistics robots"!

BlueSword intelligent will surely make great achievements together with customers!

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