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Unveiling the Details of Bluesword Intelligent's MODEX Exhibition Products

Mar 13 /2024

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As everyone knows, Bluesword Intelligent participated in MODEX 2024. Led by Professor Mike Wu, the founder and chairman of Bluesword Intelligent, the team included CEO Christ Zhang, Deputy CEO Xia Jiang, Senior Vice Presidents Ken Liu and Mao Lin, along with the overseas market development team. They showcased a variety of robots and unveiled Bluesword Intelligent's latest achievement - the Gecko System - at the exhibition.


More cost-effective "light asset"

The Gecko System is another innovative breakthrough following the 3D Goods-to-Person integrated system. It is a three-dimensional warehouse system based on dense 3D storage, even denser than before, and represents a more cost-effective "light asset" logistics robot solution.

The entire system consists mainly of two parts: the Gecko system and the Ant system. The Gecko vehicle is responsible for picking up shelves, while the Ant vehicle is responsible for ground transportation. The system has high compatibility with shelves and requires low flatness of warehouse floors. It can be quickly deployed on-site for projects and can also flexibly connect to various types of platforms.


The Ant vehicle (UnitLoad-T40) is an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) for bin transportation independently developed and designed by Bluesword. As a new generation of intelligent warehousing equipment, the Ant vehicle can be combined with the Gecko bin robot, conveyor systems, transfer systems, and other components to create various intelligent warehousing scenarios. It has a maximum lifting height of up to 350mm and is suitable for various applications such as bin-to-bin shuttle in automated warehouses and goods-to-person picking.


A more space saving "forklift"

Omnidirectional Reach Forklift AGV (ForkLift-II-F-1000-1) is the second generation of Omnidirectional Reach Forklift AGVs independently developed and designed by Bluesword. It has a rated load of 1000kg and a lifting height of 1000mm. It is suitable for various types of pallets, such as square and rectangular, and can achieve omnidirectional movement, including lateral movement. This effectively saves space, increases storage density, and solves the problem of narrow aisles within 2 meters.


Asian Elephant Intelligent Loading and Unloading Robot

The connection between trucks and warehouses, replacing manual loading and unloading operations, improves the automation level and efficiency of loading and unloading platforms. 


The comprehensive unloading efficiency can reach 800-900 boxes/hour, accommodating flexible grabbing of boxes measuring 200-800mm (length, width, height), and adapting to complex conditions of different heights and unevenness of the truck bed. It can handle maximum climbing angles of up to 8° and meet the loading and unloading needs of all trucks with a box length of 7.6 meters and above, facilitating quick switching between loading and unloading operations.


Bluesword Intelligent offers a rich variety of logistics robot types and has a wide range of application scenarios. Its products undergo rapid iteration and updates, all thanks to Bluesword Intelligent's innovative capabilities. Bluesword Intelligent always adheres to the core development philosophy of "Innovation Only," persistently focusing on independent research and development and production of core products, accumulating its own technological advantages, and forging a strong product barrier.

The rising power of Chinese innovation is making an impact on the world stage. The excitement continues!

MODEX 2024

(March 11-14)



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