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Integrated intelligent logistics system in the whole life cycle

System Modeling and Virtual Simulation Software

BlueSword Intelligent Digital Twins System can build a 3D simulation demonstration based on customer's real application scenario.In the project planning stage, the logistics scene can be quickly set up through the software platform, and the intuitive overall system renderings and 3D demonstration animations can be quickly output. Through the modeling, operation and analysis of the simulation system, the problems can be found in advance, and the design scheme will be evaluated and analyzed, and the bottleneck of the system will be found, so as to ensure the science and reliability of the system. Moreover, the self-developed system simulation platform can realize real-time dynamic online simulation. 


BlueSword Advantages


Refined Modeling


Professional modeling team, fine modeling, component level professional display.


Simulation Analysis


Intelligent simulation analysis allows for continuous system optimization without prolonged actual operation, considerably increasing the effectiveness of system optimization.


Logistics Data Analysis


Comprehensively evaluate, analyze and optimize the equipment, inventory, tempo, bottleneck, personnel and utilization rate.


Multi-format Output


Real-time display of operating parameters, 3D display, data report can be output as line chart, bar chart, pie chart, data can be exported in the form of EXCEL table.

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