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IMHS-AGV Scheduling Software

Integrated intelligent logistics system in the whole life cycle

IMHS-AGV Scheduling Software

BlueSword AGV scheduling software mainly includes simulation module, service module, monitoring module and planning module. The monitoring and simulation integration technology makes the simulation and monitoring modules share a set of core algorithms and parameters, resulting in more accurate simulation results; the AGV scheduling technology based on time prediction mechanism can effectively improve the utilization rate of AGV.


BlueSword Advantages


Perception & Expression


It realizes the dynamic real environment perception and expression, and solves the time and space conflicts between vehicles.


Accurate & Efficient


Considering the vehicle profile dimensions, it can more accurately describe the operation environment and reduce the probability of traffic control, to improve the parallel work efficiency of large-scale AGVs.




Integrate simulation and monitoring functions, so that the simulation function can fully reference various detailed parameters in the monitoring function, making the simulation results more accurate.

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